Update Flow Cockpit

Share buttons with your colleagues

There are two options to share flows with a virtual button inside.

First is the option to invite an user to get a (co-)owner of the flow. This means that the user has also the possibility to edit the created flow. He can chance every thing in the flow.

The second option is the best I think. The owner can invite other user as Run-Only-User to the flow.

Theses function is only available for the Flow buttons.

On the right in the marked action the manage “run-only-user” section.

Here is an overview of the already added users and additional user can be added by the button “Add another person”.

With “see all” the following screen opens on the right.

In this screen there  are the same options for adding users and the overview who is already added. Here the added user can delete from the flow and he can´t no longer use the flow.

In the “connections used” section the owner can select for each connection how the flow will handle the connection credentials. There are the options to use the credentials for the connections from the created flow or owner or each user has to enter his own credentials.