Data integration overview

Microsoft delivers an out-of-the-box integration in Dynamics 365 for the Prospect 2 Cash Scenario between Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, enterprise Edition (ERP) supported through the Common Data Service (CDS).

There are standard templates available for

  • Customer / Accounts
  • Products
  • Sales Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Invoices

In this scenario the Data Entitys Customer/Accounts, Contacts and Sales Quotes will be processed in the CRM application and synced to the CDS and to the ERP application.

The Data Entitys Products, Sales Orders and Sales Invoiced will be processed in the ERP application and synced to the Common Data Service and to the CRM application.

Set Up:

The initial setup you have to do is on Here you can create or admin the Environments or you can create Data polices. These both are also used in Flow and PowerApps.

In the Data Integration the setup for the Prospect-to-Cash scenario will be done.

First the connections sets have to be created. These connections sets stores the information to connect CRM, ERP and CDS and the used legal entities.

Used Applications:

Organizations / Legal Entitys

Integration Keys

The second step is to setup the projects for the different data entities.

This is an example for the Customer/Account Entity and the needed tasks

In this task the mapping between ERP, CRM and CDS is done and there is the possibility to change the mapping or adding more fields to it. The initial mapping is loaded from templates designed by the CDS Team from Microsoft.

In this mapping there is the possibility to use different map types. There are 2 needed mappings to do:

From Source to CDS

From CDS to destination

After the setup of the project is done there is the option to run the project manually or add a scheduled run.

In the scheduling you can define which recurrence will be used for the run of the project.

To monitor the different runs there is a history available where warning and error messages are displayed.

I hope this is interesting for you. If you are interested in more details feel free in contacting me.