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Create AAD User and import to D365FO

In this blog post i will show how easy it is to create user in the Azure Active Directory and to import them into dynamics 365 for finance and operations as employee and user.

This can also be a part of a complete onboarding process for a company

Default Language Settings

In Flow you can setup your Default language which can be different from your Default office user Settings.

Flow Cockpit

For each tool it is necessary to monitor this tool and the function of the tool. For Microsoft Flow there is a cockpit for each flow on the flow website available.

There are important informations located on one page.


You want to create flow buttons for colleagues to use?

There are two options to share flows with a virtual button inside.

First is the option to invite an user to get a (co-)owner of the flow. This means that the user has also the possibility to edit the created flow. He can change every thing in the flow.


The second option is my favorite.