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Belong to my office?

In this post i will Show you what you can do with the AI called Custom Vision and Microsoft flow. The original idea comes from two of the Microsoft Program Managers for Microsoft Flow:

  • Kent Weare
  • Jon Levesque


They made a very good video called „Hot Dog or No Hot Dog“.

Case management

In same situation a customer wants to ask for Support through the Support devision.

For this i have designed a process which Combine the power of Office and Dynamics 365 for finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition.

Collect twitter tweets

To collect data from twitter you can use Microsoft Flow in combination with excel.


Create AAD User and import to D365FO

In this blog post i will show how easy it is to create user in the Azure Active Directory and to import them into dynamics 365 for finance and operations as employee and user.

This can also be a part of a complete onboarding process for a company

Creating Sales Order Using LUIS

I think every company is thinking about how to automate business processes especially for standard process that are there every day in the same needed steps. One of this processes can be the Order Entry process for standard products.

I will describe in this blog post now Microsoft Flow and LUIS can help here to automate this process.

Default Language Settings

In Flow you can setup your Default language which can be different from your Default office user Settings.

Fehlerhafte Flows

Von Zeit zu  Zeit kann es mal vorkommen, dass ein Flow nicht ohne Fehler durchläuft. In diesem Falle soll eine entsprechende Benachrichtigung an eine bestimmte Person übermittelt werden.

Find Customer from email address

How to find a customer in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations only for example by the  email address of an incoming email.

With flow and the action "get records" it is very easy.

Flow Analytics (Update)

You want to know how often your flow runs in the last 30 days?

Then view the Flow Analytics to analyse your fow usage.

Flow Cockpit

For each tool it is necessary to monitor this tool and the function of the tool. For Microsoft Flow there is a cockpit for each flow on the flow website available.

There are important informations located on one page.

iOS App

In this post I want to describe a second way to monitor and create your  flows.

The first way is through the website flow.microsoft.com and the second way is through a mobile app. This app is available for windows phones, android phones and for iPhone.

Is it free?

The first question is for everyone who gets the first time in contact with Microsoft Flow: how can I test it?

Post a tweet with media

During my test with the Twitter connector in Flow i tried a lot with tweeting.

Here I want to show how you add an attachment to your tweet from a sharepoint list.

Request Webinar on Demand

This blog post shows how simple it is to automate processes where a form on a website will be filled by contacts (not only outside of the company).
Here it is explained with an example for Requested access to an on-demand webinar. want to create flow buttons for colleagues to use. 


You want to create flow buttons for colleagues to use?

There are two options to share flows with a virtual button inside.

First is the option to invite an user to get a (co-)owner of the flow. This means that the user has also the possibility to edit the created flow. He can change every thing in the flow.


The second option is my favorite.


Scheduled Start and Stop of Azure VM´s

I think everyone has the same problem: the Azure Virtual machines runs overnight where nobody is working on it and the costs are growing.

To reduce the cost for virtual machines in Azure Microsoft Flow can be used to schedule the start/stop processes of each Virtual Machine or complete resource groups in Azure.

For this there are two setups needed to be setup: Azure Automation Account and the Flows.

Sent Purchase Order Reminder for Confirmation

Each company has the problem that they need a confirmed delivery date for a purchase order to plan the production or the sales delivery.

With Microsoft Flow, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations since v8 it is possible to do this with a small effort in setup and customizing.