Cognitive Services -

Belong to my office?

In this post i will Show you what you can do with the AI called Custom Vision and Microsoft flow. The original idea comes from two of the Microsoft Program Managers for Microsoft Flow:

  • Kent Weare
  • Jon Levesque


They made a very good video called „Hot Dog or No Hot Dog“.

Creating Sales Order Using LUIS

I think every company is thinking about how to automate business processes especially for standard process that are there every day in the same needed steps. One of this processes can be the Order Entry process for standard products.

I will describe in this blog post now Microsoft Flow and LUIS can help here to automate this process.

PowerApp translate D365FO input

In this blog post I will show you how easy it is to create powerapp that is connected to Dynamics 365 for Finance and operations (aka D365FO).

This app will use input data from D365Fo and will pass it to a cognitive service.